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  1. Good user oriented summary of Mastodon.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-01-08)
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  2. This is a post outlining a different way of offering digital technology education at the primary and (particularly) secondary school levels... It makes extensive use of open source software and focuses on student autonomy and self-direction.
    by Dave Lane (2018-01-08)
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  3. List of useful readings on digital literacy and critical media literacy posted on the LSE Media Policy Project blog.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-01-07)
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  4. Useful set of pages on how to avoid plagiarism
    Tags: by demouser (2017-10-25)
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  5. How to listen and taken notes in lectures
    author » University of Sydney
    Tags: by demouser (2017-10-23)
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  6. Excellent resource providing learner support covering a range of topics, including: skills for learning; working on assignments, and academic English.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2017-09-12)
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  7. Excellent description of digital literacies by the Higher Education Academy (UK) building on JISC's seven elements of digital literacy.
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  8. Article exploring the rate of change associated with the "4th industrial revolution" and the implications for the future of work.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2017-09-05)
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  9. Interesting TED talk by the economise, David Autor that explores the parodox: Despite a century of creating machines that replace work, the proportion of Amercans with a job has gone up for the past 125 years.
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  10. Article published by the guardian listing the professions at greatest risk from automation.
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