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  1. An interesting article which explores licensing and ownership of tattoos in Australia and in New Zealand.
    Tags: by sakkiie (2020-08-11)
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  2. An extensive list of digital skills that allow the reader to build their own definition of digital skills.
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  3. A simple and comprehensive definition of the term digital literacy.
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  4. Where does Copyright stand in the remix practice of the modern digital era
    Tags: , , , by eanlee (2020-07-11)
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  5. Article summarising the copyright issues associated with street art.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-07-08)
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  9. Boston and Cimpian suggest ways in which girls can be encouraged from early ages to follow STEM careers. They mention teaching a growth mindset, teaching the value of failure, talking about successful women, provision of opportunities of success to girls, and helping girls to relate to people in STEM careers as real environments that can promote science among them.
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  10. -
    Tags: by yanti (2020-06-24)
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