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  1. provides quick examples of literacy vs skills.
    Tags: by nashman79 (2018-03-19)
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  2. Looks at digital divide as it relates to digital literacy and skills
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  3. A great definition of digital skills.
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  4. This is where the OERu's version of this tool is documented, for easy (re)use by others.
    Tags: , , , by Dave Lane and 1 other (2016-09-08)
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  5. Planning page for 2016 action plan for implementing the OERu 1st year of study
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2016-09-08)
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  6. Contributions from a panel of university researchers in the UK reflecting on what digital literacy is and associated development of skills published by the Guardian. Rich resource to explore the meaning of digital literacy and associated topics
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  7. Excellent description of digital literacies by the Higher Education Academy (UK) building on JISC's seven elements of digital literacy.
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  8. Useful summary published by the University of Toronto comparing citation management software.
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  9. Interesting blog post by G. Conole focusing on major topics that are likely to shape the future of higher education.
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  10. Resource which describes what makes a high performing team and the types of people needed for effective teams.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-08-22)
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