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  1. Handy resource summarizing Creative Commons licenses published by Creative Commons USA.
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  2. Succinct video published by SMU libraries summarising the concept of OER and how it links to Creative Commons licensing.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2019-08-23)
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  3. provides quick examples of literacy vs skills.
    Tags: by nashman79 and 1 other (2018-03-19)
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  4. The video on this link was a fun and interesting way to learn about digital literacy. Visual aids is always easier to understand. There are extra notes underneath to explain further.
    Tags: , by wilsie and 2 others (2020-05-13)
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  5. In this TEDxWarwick presentation, Doug Belshaw highlights the elements of digital literacies drawing on his doctoral reseach on digital and new literacies.
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  6. Excellent description of digital literacies by the Higher Education Academy (UK) building on JISC's seven elements of digital literacy.
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  7. Looks at digital divide as it relates to digital literacy and skills
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  8. A great definition of digital skills.
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  9. Country case studies including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Slovenia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom on the growth, adoption and potential impact on education systems.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh and 2 others (2019-05-08)
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  10. Contributions from a panel of university researchers in the UK reflecting on what digital literacy is and associated development of skills published by the Guardian. Rich resource to explore the meaning of digital literacy and associated topics
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