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the digital literacies is a broad capacity to participate in a society that uses digital communications technology in the workplace, government, education, cultural, civic, home and leisure settings .#101

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  1. Review of access to open education, costs, and mobile technology.

    AUTHORS: Mohamed Ally, Mohammed Samaka
    Journal Title: International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
    ISSN: 1492-3831 (Print)
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna (2018-03-22)
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  2. Reseach paper on MOOCs and equitable access to college-level education in Indonesia.

    Authors: Hana Silvana & Yuniar Fajar
    Journal Title: Edutech
    ISSN: 0852-1190 (Print); 2502-0781 (Online)
    Tags: , , by citizenmoderna (2018-03-22)
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  3. A critical review of the current potential and limitations that open education resources have on creating a fairer education system and society by Cable Green (USA), Director of Open Education at Creative Commons, 2017
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna (2018-03-21)
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  4. A short critical article about open education by John F. McMullen (2013)
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna (2018-03-21)
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  5. Author: MAHA BALI
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna and 2 others (2018-03-15)
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  6. A review of the constantly evolving definition of "digital literacy" and reference to a simple definition of digital literacy from The American Library Association's digital-literacy.
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna and 8 others (2018-03-15)
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  7. BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
    Tags: , by citizenmoderna (2018-03-15)
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