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  1. This is a post outlining a different way of offering digital technology education at the primary and (particularly) secondary school levels... It makes extensive use of open source software and focuses on student autonomy and self-direction.
    by Dave Lane (2018-01-08)
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  2. This is the OERu tech blog where they talk about technology decisions and the implications for partners and learners...
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  3. Good example of Semantic Scuttle in action...
    Tags: by Dave Lane (2016-09-09)
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  4. -
    Tags: by Dave Lane (2016-09-09)
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  5. A cool story about Electric bikes in Christchurch
    Tags: , by Dave Lane (2016-09-09)
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  6. This is where the OERu's version of this tool is documented, for easy (re)use by others.
    Tags: , , , by Dave Lane and 1 other (2016-09-08)
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