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  1. Can artworks be monopolised by applying trademarks?
    Tags: , , by eanlee (2020-10-08)
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  2. Where does Copyright stand in the remix practice of the modern digital era
    Tags: , , , by eanlee (2020-07-11)
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  3. In this paper, Tobias Weiblen provides a comprehensive overview of the literature relating to the Open Business Model concept, and suggests the root causes for its lack of conceptual clarity.
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  4. In this article, Henry Chesbrough discusses traditional business practices and Open Business Models; and their approaches to innovation, business costs, service/product delivery, and risks.
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  5. Francesco Sandulli and Henry Chesbrough outlined two facets of open business models, integrating/absorbing external resources and sharing assets with partners (even competitors) to capture value.
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  6. Resource on adapting open textbooks
    Tags: by eanlee (2020-06-11)
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  7. On question regarding the relationships between international and national copyright laws, and on what instances international law will take precedence over national law in adjudication of copyright cases, this website provides further knowledge.
    Tags: by eanlee (2020-05-26)
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