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  1. This article by Dr Maha Bali contains analogies and examples to distinguish between digital literacy and digital skills. One such is example is about showing students how to use an image on a power point presentation which is more about digital skills rather than digital literacy. When the students understand how to chose the appropriate image and the underlying copyright issues, they will have digital literacy.
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  2. This site contains an excellent introduction to Digital Fluency. On top of digital literacy, a digital fluent person will have digital capabilities and digital principles. Digital capability means the person will be able to choose appropriate tools matching the context, whereas by having digital principles the person will be able to take measures to securely communicate, share and create digital content while understanding the copyright issues.
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  3. This is a framework conceived to provide direction for organizations to design their digital capabilities. This framework consists of 4 key aspects: 1. ICT proficiency, 2. Digital Learning and development, 2. Digital communication, collaboration and participation, 3. Digital creation, problem solving and innovation, 4. Information, data and media literacies. While the framework centres around ICT proficiency, it includes four additional pillars that are very important to develop digital literacy that is suitable for 21st century skills. For example, the pillars on digital creation emphasizes on understanding the digital production process and digital research methods for innovating new approaches to solve problems. The focus on media literacy advocates for critically analysing media for its authenticity and implications in a wider socio-economical context before re-using and reposting. Thus, this framework may serve as a holistic guideline for devising any organizations digital literacy policy.
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