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the digital literacies is a broad capacity to participate in a society that uses digital communications technology in the workplace, government, education, cultural, civic, home and leisure settings .#101

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  1. The positioning of rural economy for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Is it attainable?
    Tags: , by karabomaloka (2020-05-08)
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  2. Technology has become the essence of our duties and lives where information play a vital rule in communicating and learning. As an educator who teaches in a school that lacks many resource wonders how best could one introduce online teaching and personal learning environment confronted with the affordability of the community and other socio economic issues.
    Tags: , by karabomaloka (2020-05-08)
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  3. In understanding Digital Literacy, one needs to developing their critical thinking skills as it is essential when you're confronted with so much information in different formats – searching, sifting, evaluating, applying and producing information all requires to think critically. I have recommend this source as it entails exactly that.
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