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the digital literacies is a broad capacity to participate in a society that uses digital communications technology in the workplace, government, education, cultural, civic, home and leisure settings .#101

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  1. This article gives a clear, nutshell definition of digital skills - all its ramifications, importance and impact in the digital economy.
    Tags: , by lesleykgabo and 5 others (2020-08-19)
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  2. Gives a concise definition of digital literacies and its composite streams.
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  3. Looks at digital divide as it relates to digital literacy and skills
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  4. Digital skills embody one's ability to apply coding - which comprise programming, Web and App development.
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  5. A simple and comprehensive definition of the term digital literacy:
    The ability to use information and communication technologies.
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  6. Confidence moving between devices and using them equally.
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  7. This gives a good break down of digital literacy for teachers and their students.
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