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  1. Comparison of Waterfall and Agile software development contracts.
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  2. Resource which describes what makes a high performing team and the types of people needed for effective teams.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-08-22)
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  3. Outstanding resource detailing the competencies of a successful project manager published by the Project Management Institute
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-06-23)
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  4. In this short video published by MindToolsVideos the presenter describes four guidelines for building effective teams. Specifically 1) Defining goals 2) Getting the right people 3) Conducting needs assessment and 4) Understanding individual motivation.
    Tags: , , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2016-11-29)
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  5. The resource suggests three foundations for high performance teams and provides 5 generic tips for leading high performance teams.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2016-11-29)
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  6. Although developed for secondary school, this video provides an excellent summary illustrating the mind-mapping technique.
    Tags: , , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2016-11-10)
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  7. Step -by-step resource showing how to create a mind map by hand or using a computer. The resource includes pros and cons for using mind-mapping software.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2016-11-10)
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