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  1. Boston and Cimpian suggest ways in which girls can be encouraged from early ages to follow STEM careers. They mention teaching a growth mindset, teaching the value of failure, talking about successful women, provision of opportunities of success to girls, and helping girls to relate to people in STEM careers as real environments that can promote science among them.
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  2. This video is about a woman who did a course on engineering graphics and made it to obtain her PhD although she could not understand anything initial in her first year registration of the course. Since engineers use most of three dimensional spatial ability, this was a challenge for her. But although research confirms that women have weak spatial skills than men, through a course that they developed for first year students to improve female students' spatial skills, which also improved their success in other courses. She then suggest that girls must bee involved in 3-D computer games, allow them to develop logos, maps and space surrounding them. She calls for the sketching of real life objects in order to develop our girls' spatial skills. In this way, more girls will venture into the engineering space as future careers.
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  3. This video is about different women who display how beneficial it is to do mathematics. How mathematics can empower young girls to reach out to envisaged stem careers. The video further serves to motivate girls to study mathematics and enjoy it. The role models in this video help girls understand how the maths they're learning right now can help them prepare for and succeed in rewarding
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  4. The problem of achieving any developmental goal has been a global challenge and that of millennium development goals have occupied the attention of the world leaders. The paper talks to the concept of women empowerment, mathematics and women empowerment, how women can be empowered mathematically, mathematics, women empowerment and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The paper concludes by suggesting that education of girls and women of all ages in science ,technology and mathematics(STM) must be promoted.
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  5. This articles explores the meaning of empowerment in the teaching and learning of mathematics. It distinguishes between three different but complementary meanings of empowerment concerning mathematics: mathematical, social and epistemological empowerment. The article concludes that an empowerment perspective can address some of the problems of inequity. In so doing, differential levels of epistemological empowerment by girls and women, can encompasses confidence and self-perceptions of efficacy and autonomy.
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