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  1. Digital skills for New Zealanders
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  2. I recommend this resource because is not only the definition of digital literacy but it makes you realise properly what does mean digital literacy and I believe that is a Reliable source because it comes from a University Journal
    Tags: , , by djnepols (2021-03-06)
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  3. An interesting research paper focused on Engineering
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  4. -
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  5. Although this resource has now been archived, it is still available and relevant. It lists seven elements of digital literacies for a university context. I like its emphasis on change: that the definition of digital literacies changes with time and context, and that our own level of digital literacy changes with time and context as well.
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  6. Explains the '8 Cs' of digital literacy (as defined by Doug Belshaw).
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  7. This article distinguishes digital fluency from digital literacy, defining literacy as an understanding of how to use digital tools and fluency as the ability to create something new with those tools. It goes on to describe different types of fluency.
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  8. This resource defines digital capability at an individual and at an organisational level (for universities and colleges). It breaks down individual digital capability into six elements, and links to a detailed description of each.
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  9. The blog-writer, Sue Watling, adds 'curation' to Doug Belshaw's 8 Cs of digital literacy - stressing the importance of understanding how to avoid losing precious data.
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  10. Amazing digital skills in turn informing digital humanities
    Tags: , , by abuis (2020-09-15)
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