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  1. Reading vs studying, the study cycle, taking time to relax, taking on new challenges, multitasking, ask questions and use all available resources.
    Tags: , by tumi2babedi (2020-06-22)
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  2. Critical reading before class, active listening during class and note-taking after class.
    Tags: , by tumi2babedi (2020-06-22)
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  3. good definition of digital skills
    Tags: by innovativemohit and 2 others (2020-06-14)
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  4. good description of digital literacy
    Tags: by innovativemohit and 2 others (2020-06-14)
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  5. This source gives information about the origins of the need to understand why digital skills and literacies are needed.
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  6. The explanation was simple and detailed.
    Tags: , by tumi2babedi (2020-06-08)
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  7. This page might not be from a source that is often seen as reliable but it simplified the concept well.
    Tags: , by tumi2babedi and 1 other (2020-06-08)
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  8. Martin Oliver
    Tags: by reynorel (2020-05-27)
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  9. This is the website of a company that runs courses in digital literacy for company leaders, HR, educators etc. It discusses the difference between digital skills such as searching a website and reading on the internet compared to digital literacy. It emphasises the importance of digital literacy in terms of creating and evaluating information and internet safety on the web. They also touch on the issue of fake vs real news. It goes on to relate this to teaching students and the importance also of creating personal digital libraries. Definitely a course for teachers and educators.
    Tags: by reynorel and 3 others (2020-05-13)
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  10. This is a good website for educators who are introducing students to digital literacy. It has a short video and explanation of digital literacy.
    Tags: by reynorel (2020-05-13)
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