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  1. Can artworks be monopolised by applying trademarks?
    Tags: , , by eanlee (2020-10-08)
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  2. The monkey selfie copyright dispute is a series of disputes about the copyright status of selfies taken by Celebes crested macaques using equipment belonging to the British nature photographer David Slater. The disputes involve Wikimedia Commons and the blog Techdirt, which have hosted the images following their publication in newspapers in July 2011 over Slater's objections that he holds the copyright, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who have argued that the macaque should be assigned the copyright.

    It was argued that the images should be in the public domain, since copyright law says that it cannot be applied to non-human entities. A great issue to debate!
    Tags: , by cogdog and 1 other (2020-09-12)
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  3. Where does Copyright stand in the remix practice of the modern digital era
    Tags: , , , by eanlee (2020-07-11)
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