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  1. Brief definition of digital skills as 'being adept at using digital tools and technology', helpfully illustrated by a list of examples of skills and the related literacies.
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  3. https://bookmarks.oeru.org/bookmarks.php/sunnyhaze206?action=add
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  4. Definition of Digital Literacy provided by the American Library Association.
    Tags: , , by sjswaan (2018-04-01)
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  5. Detailed article which analyzes the transition from written to digital literacy, cites the Hart Research Study and gives an overall analysis of how the transition is affecting students in and outside the classroom.
    Tags: , by sunnyhaze206 (2018-03-26)
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  6. Looks at digital divide as it relates to digital literacy and skills
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  7. Useful "big picture" blog by Helen Beetham on the JISC "Digital Capabilities Framework". .
    Tags: , by taylorj (2018-03-17)
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  8. The article offers a simple definition about Digital Literacy by the American Library Association's digital-literacy task force.
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  9. Excellent description of digital literacies by the Higher Education Academy (UK) building on JISC's seven elements of digital literacy.
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  10. Useful overview of elements for constructing social learning environments - a valuable reference point when considering various digital skills that could underpin your own personal learning environment. Resource devised by Abhijit Kadle: https://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/index.php/author/abhijitk/
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