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  1. The article offers a simple definition about Digital Literacy by the American Library Association's digital-literacy task force.
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  2. Interesting blog post by G. Conole focusing on major topics that are likely to shape the future of higher education.
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  3. Useful summary published by the University of Toronto comparing citation management software.
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  4. Article contains list of RSS readers (all open source). Potentially useful for LiDA101 learners who want to maintain their own list of feeds to follow course blog sites.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-03-06)
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  5. Useful introductory resource on Internet literacy published by the Council of Europe. Structured using "Fact sheets" on a wide range of related topics.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-02-19)
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  6. Good user oriented summary of Mastodon.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-01-08)
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  7. List of useful readings on digital literacy and critical media literacy posted on the LSE Media Policy Project blog.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2018-01-07)
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  8. Excellent resource providing learner support covering a range of topics, including: skills for learning; working on assignments, and academic English.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2017-09-12)
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  9. Excellent description of digital literacies by the Higher Education Academy (UK) building on JISC's seven elements of digital literacy.
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  10. This short pdf published by the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh summarises the difference between academic critical writing distinguished from writing for presentation or explanation. It provides guidelines and ideas on how to to improve critical writing in your disciplinary area of study.
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