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  1. Christina Hendriks explains non-disposable assignments, in relation to disposable assignments and provides examples she has used with students.
    Tags: , by abuis (2020-09-24)
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  2. David Wiley describes disposable assignments and makes the case for not only open educational resources but also open pedagogy.
    Tags: , by abuis and 1 other (2020-09-24)
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  3. The impact of affirmative action
    Tags: , by monty1 (2020-05-25)
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  4. -
    Tags: , by emmanwosisi (2020-05-13)
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  5. -
    Tags: , by emmanwosisi (2020-05-13)
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  6. Looks at the impact of digital skills on education using evidence collected during performance testing.
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  7. How digital literacy impacts teaching and learning in the classroom for both the teacher and the learners.
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  8. The positioning of rural economy for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Is it attainable?
    Tags: , by karabomaloka (2020-05-08)
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  9. Technology has become the essence of our duties and lives where information play a vital rule in communicating and learning. As an educator who teaches in a school that lacks many resource wonders how best could one introduce online teaching and personal learning environment confronted with the affordability of the community and other socio economic issues.
    Tags: , by karabomaloka (2020-05-08)
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  10. This handbook has been designed to walk a user through the process of evaluating an online resource using the Achieve Open Educational Resources (OERs) rubrics, which are hosted on OERCommons.org.
    Tags: , by mien (2019-09-06)
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