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  1. Ideally (and for you to succeed), your perfect business idea should consist of three things:

    It should be something you like doing,
    It should be something you are good at, and
    It should be something that is in demand (i.e., people would pay for)
    Tags: by bkabuati (2022-01-25)
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  2. International financial corporation in conjunction with Pan Africa University formed the Enterprise Development center which helps in training and giving of advice to small business owners skills on how to run their business to avoid failing. In recent time, the body organized a competition for the you to help them come out with new business ideas the competition was popularly called YouWIN meaning Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria.
    Tags: by ewareakpouzou (2020-05-23)
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  3. This is an ed-tech that has to do with on-line education technology. This ed tech is everything from "blackboard" to style student portals, educational games, online, discussion platforms etc. built to meet student educational needs. It is up to an entrepreneur to create this technology or sell it.
    Tags: by jemimabenjamin35 (2020-05-18)
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  4. Subscription boxes is the most innovative business idea to me because now that 5G is about unveiling together with the new lockdown order most people will think of an online platform where they can order for goods and services over a period of time.
    Tags: by ewareakpouzou (2020-05-17)
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  5. Male Grooming is not a new concept, in fact it dates back to Egyptian times. The modern concept of male grooming however has advanced with the modern man wanting to look after not only his hair but take care of his skin too. So these services have been combined into male grooming salons rather than just a barber shop, to create the comfortable environment for all men
    Tags: by richardgreen (2020-04-23)
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  6. Business tools to help you successfully manage, grow and promote your business - provided by a Canadian government-owned bank set up to support entrepreneurs.
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  7. Guidance from New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
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  8. Entrepreneurs habitually create and innovate to build something of recognized value around market opportunities.
    Tags: by kizeni and 1 other (2019-09-23)
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  9. Provide funding solutions for projects in South, West and East Africa.
    Opportunities for businesses to benefit from funding and finance from the various EU funding programs
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  10. Opportunities, proposals, financial awards
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