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  1. Entrepreneurs habitually create and innovate to build something of recognized value around market opportunities.
    Tags: by kizeni and 1 other (2019-09-23)
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  2. Guidance from New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
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  3. Business tools to help you successfully manage, grow and promote your business - provided by a Canadian government-owned bank set up to support entrepreneurs.
    Tags: , , by simonne (2018-10-10)
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  4. AirBnB lets people list, find, and rent short-term lodging in 65,000 cities and more than 191 countries across the globe. Before the advent of Airbnb it was difficult if not impossible to let out your spare room on a short term basis to a global audience.
    Tags: , , by carolct (2017-03-12)
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  5. In December 2016, it rolled out a major user interface upgrade, replacing static poster images with custom-created preview videos that automatically play when you scroll over a title card. The redesign, which required a combination of creativity and data science insights, encourages Netflix’s subscribers to serendipitously discover what to watch rather than tediously browse its catalog and wonder if something is worth sampling.
    Tags: , , by carolct (2017-03-12)
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