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  1. Blog post on digital literacy and why it is crucial, written from a business perspective.
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  2. Digital literacy language can affect the way we see things, think and create our expressions in a digital forum or network
    Tags: , , , by estyqueen42 (2021-01-09)
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  3. Digital literacy is the ability to use, understand and create your expression ethically in a social learning network or personal learning environment
    Tags: , , , , by estyqueen42 (2021-01-09)
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  4. Digital skills focus on the various tools and technologies available to accomplish a task while digital literacy focuses on the justification or ethical notion of using a particular tool to accomplish the task. #LiDA101
    Tags: by estyqueen42 and 3 others (2021-01-09)
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  5. author » National Library (NZ)
    This website describes digital literacy as being able to use digital skills, but employing critical thinking in the way digital skills are used. It discusses digital literacy as questioning usefulness of digital data, being creative with technology, and using technology to find and share information effectively.
    Tags: , , , by kelleigh78 (2019-10-02)
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  6. author » Maha Bali
    This article articulates the difference between digital skills and digital literacy. Digital skills are about what platform to use (e.g. Messenger) and how to use it (e.g. sending messages, creating message groups).
    Tags: , , , by kelleigh78 and 2 others (2019-10-02)
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