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  1. This article looks at the digital citizenship and new literacies. It further defines literacy.
    This article is relevant for digital citizenship, new literacies and the definition of literacies.
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  2. This article introduces electronic literacy or e-literacy. This article defines electronic literacy as activities (e.g. reading, writing and spelling). This activities are delivered, supported, accessed or assessed digitally through computers or other electronic means rather than on paper.
    This article further differentiate e-literacy with computer literacy.
    This article is good for differentiating between e-literacy and computer literacy.
    Tags: by tkafare and 2 others (2021-04-08)
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  3. -
    Tags: by tkafare and 1 other (2021-04-07)
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  4. Why misogyny is a societal issue
    Tags: , by dinad (2021-03-17)
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  5. -
    http://Replacing jobs
    Tags: , by dinad (2021-03-17)
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  6. 5 competencies for a digital citizen: inclusive, informed, engaged, balanced, and alert.
    Tags: , by lemonwood (2020-09-27)
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  7. A concise 9-point definition of a digital citizen and digital literacy, from Netsafe, a New Zealand not-for-profit organisation concerned with online safety.
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  8. Online quiz using real social media content to decide whether it's from a legitimate account or an internet troll.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-09-25)
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  9. Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a nonprofit research institute that conducts ongoing, national studies on what it is like being a student in the digital age.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-09-16)
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  10. Article published by Tactical Tech, an NGO focused on mitigating the impacts of technology on society. This text "addresses questions about which tech is good, safe and appropriate to use in these complex times if we want to act and work responsibly and remotely."
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