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The OER4covid tag is used to share useful resources identified by collaborators of the OER4Covid support initiative (https://oer4covid.oeru.org/) to smooth the transition to online teaching as a result of COVID19.

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  1. International collaboration of ODL institutions hosted by COL for COVID-19.

    The website has a curated list of support resources as well as an extensive database of open courses.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-28)
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  2. Practical guidelines published by Dave Cormier summarizing key ideas for online teaching.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-17)
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  3. Poster published by BCCampus highlighting the benefits of OER when transitioning to emergency remote teaching.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-14)
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  4. Guidelines on Distance Education during COVID-19 offer policy advice and practical tips on the use of distance-education (DE) methods, tools and appropriate technology, and provide a road map for decision makers and practitioners to integrate good practices in their specific contexts. Published by the Commonwealth of Learning
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-09)
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  5. Resources published by the University of the Highlands and Islands to support remote teaching.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-06)
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  6. Support resource published by BCcampus to adapt to a COVID-19 world with focus on mental health support.
    Tags: , , by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-05-02)
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  7. Resources published by the Centre for Distance Education, University of London
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-04-29)
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  8. List of resources for moving online in a hurry published by Dave Cormier aggregated from a request on Twitter to share one document or video.
    Tags: by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-04-28)
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  9. Results of poll conducted by Educause focusing on upheavals in work location and environment during the COVID-19 pandemic and how this is challenging the higher education technology workforce.
    Tags: , by Wayne Mackintosh (2020-04-28)
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  10. A good list of links to the sites that offer free to use resources about how to teach online.
    Tags: by vtaylor and 1 other (2020-04-26)
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